Clichés to Live By


“Thank you” is the answer to so many things.

It’s not some trite amenity your mother conditioned you to say.

Instead of waking up, reading the headlines (all bad news) and thinking about the pile of work you’ve got to do and the pile of bills you’ve got to pay, press “pause.”


Start your day with “Thank you.”  You’ve got a home in the suburbs? 

Thank you.

You’re gainfully employed?

Thank you.

You’ve got a family you love?

Thank you.

Cliché alert:  It’s always darkest before the dawn.

People will tell you what you can’t do and you can listen.  Or you can look at how far you’ve come and you can fix your gaze higher.

I had business cards made years before I actually was a Freelance Writer.

I told my infant son “every day’s a good day” before it was actually true.

Sometimes you’ve got to “name it and claim it” so it sinks into your pores that change is possible.

Here’s a new cliché that I hope catches on.  Don’t ever let “the facts” talk you out of your dreams

Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag, and only carry a clutch big enough to hold hope (and maybe a lipstick!)

2 thoughts on “Clichés to Live By

  1. sf

    Oh boy, you’re just FILLED with smart words and sayin’s! Excellent stuff! That’s really cool how you had made business cards before you became a Freelance Writer. The next time you need to re-print a new box of ’em, include “Freelance Encourager” on there too, cuz you’re sure great at that too! :oD

    • You’re so sweet, dear heart! I think you’re right; it really does seem to be part of my mission in life (maybe even my ministry?) to encourage others. Used to seem like such a small thing, but I realized there are people who go days, even weeks without hearing any positive feedback. It only takes one person believing in you for you to have a fighting chance in life. So, of course you know, dear SF – I believe in you! You’re such a blessing. 🙂 Ruth

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