Take This Short Quiz – Words Commonly Used Incorrectly


I’m all for customizing the language to suit your needs, but I’ve got some “pet peeve” words that are often used incorrectly. 

See if you know which word is correct in the following sentences.

1.  Anita Martini’s all-liquid and beer nuts diet wasn’t working, so she started an intensive



of exercise by walking to the mailbox once each day, then lying inert on the couch till nightfall.

2.  The hostage negotiator worked feverishly to  



the tense situation by placating the perpetrator, but realized it was his own son, and  he never listened.

3.  If I’d known you were coming to my house today, I

Would of

Would have

baked a cake, cooked up a stew, brewed you some slammin homemade beer.  Or just ordered a pizza.

 Answers in tomorrow’s post!  Y’all come back now, y’hear?

2 thoughts on “Take This Short Quiz – Words Commonly Used Incorrectly

  1. sf

    I’ve never seen the word “Defuse” before!

    This reminds me of my current English professor’s constant list of Do Nots. One of them that I couldn’t believe was that one’s not supposed to say: “The reason is because”. But instead: “The reason is that”. And that there’s a minimum of 5 sentences to a paragraph. O.O

    • Thanks for dropping by, SF! I remember a great teacher I had in high school, for Philosophy class. If he asked a student a question and she responded, “I don’t think so,” he would recoil. “Don’t tell me what you don’t think,” he’d say, “tell me what you do think.” We all had to get into the habit of saying “I think not” instead of “I don’t think so.” So many rules to remember! Take care, Ruth 🙂

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