Snowed in but Cozy


When I hear word of a “weather event” coming, I always flip to the weather channel to watch that tightly-wound chrome-dome weather dude, Jim Cantore.  He’s so amped about the weather! It’s like a religious experience for him.  “Looks like a weather event coming!  Gonna shut down the east coast!  Yeahhhh!”  Man needs to discover herbal tea.

As always, I prepared for the snowstorm by stocking up on… baked goods!  Whadja think, I’d say batteries and bottled water?  Matter of priorities, you know.  Made some Chicken Cacciatore in the crock pot last night, brewed some java and settled in.  Maybe I should’ve made Chicken Cantore – once you eat it, you get all hyped about everything.  Shoveling the driveway!  Yeahhhh!  Feed the dog!  Allright now!!

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